Find Photos with Mobile Reverse Image Search from Shutterstock

Find Photos with Mobile Reverse Image Search from Shutterstockvia Small Business Trends

Shutterstock, a leading global provider of imagery and music is boosting its artificial intelligence credentials with mobile reverse image search feature within its iOS app.

The New York-based company houses more than 80 million images and it can become quite a chore to find the right image for your blog or campaigns.

To help make the process easy for users, the company introduced Shutterstock Reverse Image Search technology back in March. The new tech allows you to search for an image by simply uploading a similar image, so you no longer have to keep on trying different keywords to get your desired image.

Mobile Reverse Image Search

However helpful this was, the technology had a limitation. It could only be used on the desktop. Nonetheless, this has all changed as the stock photo giant recently announced that Shutterstock reverse image search was being added to the iOS app.

“When we unveiled Reverse Image Search this past spring, we knew that it was a perfect fit for our mobile application — it’s arguably one of the best use cases for computer vision technology in general,” Shutterstock CEO and founder Jon Oringer said in a press release. “It’s so easy to take a picture and everyone stores hundreds or thousands of them on their phones. Now you can use those photos to help you search for and find better-quality, more suitable images for your professional needs.”

With the new tech, you now just have to snap a photo of something, add it to Shutterstock reverse image search and watch the results roll in. This feature has the ability to save you tons of time that you would have otherwise used guessing different keywords.

Make sure you use high resolution, well-lit images with a clear subject. At times, changing your image angle might as well give you better results.

Shutterstock reverse image search is not entirely new as Google has also offered a similar feature for some time now and they recently expanded the service to include mobile service. However, Shutterstock’s service is more likely to be loved by journalists, bloggers, photographers, online business owners and photographers who are always looking for the best images for their blogs or product descriptions.

Easily download the Shutterstock app from Apple Store.

Image: Shutterstock

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