HootSuite Game Changer: Access DropBox, OneDrive and More Right From Your Dashboard

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Popular web-based social media management platform Hootsuite has integrated Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) OneDrive, Box and other content sources into its publishing platform.

The integration will allow you to access GIFs and photos from other digital assets directly from your cloud content repositories within Hootsuite.

“Hundreds of millions of people across the globe use Dropbox to work and collaborate with their teams, from anywhere on any device. With this integration, our customers can access their Dropbox files directly from Hootsuite, allowing them to enhance their social posts with content they already have saved in Dropbox,” said Billy Blau, head of technology partnerships at Dropbox.

“In today’s competitive market, companies using both Hootsuite and Dropbox can act faster and be more agile with their marketing and social efforts.”

Benefits for Small Businesses

By making it easier to access content, Hootsuite is helping businesses engage with customers, implement social marketing campaigns and provide improved customer support.

Specifically, the new Hootsuite apps will allow you to:

Add new content sources to your Hootsuite dashboard

Search and organize those digital assets while still in Hootsuite

Access your digital content within the compose message box of Hootsuite Publisher

“As social media becomes a primary channel for businesses of all sizes to connect with customers, the ability to manage digital assets intelligently and create engaging social content is critical. Box helps marketers to securely manage content of all kinds… By leveraging strategic platforms like Hootsuite and Box, teams can work faster and smarter, delivering more successful digital campaigns,” commented Roger Murff, vice president of business development and technology partnerships, Box.

Hootsuite Apps Also Give Access to Other Content Sources

In addition to Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, Hootsuite users can access a number of other content sources including:

Cloud-based digital management tool MediaValet,

Relevant content curation service UpContent

Team-based digital asset management system WebDAM, and

Custom digital content service Flashstock.

Hootsuite boasts an open ecosystem of 200+  application partners enabling users to take advantage of solutions that best fit their needs. The company claims to be one of the most used social media management platforms in the world with a total global estimated user base of 14 million including more than 800 companies  in the Fortune 1000.

Small business owners overwhelmed with the maintenance of multiple social channels have long used Hootsuite. And the easy availability of more digital content within the Hootsuite dashboard  should make it that much more useful.

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