Small Businesses Need to Fill These In Demand Jobs

Small Businesses Need to Fill These In Demand Jobsvia Small Business Trends

We know that transportation jobs are in high demand by small businesses. More specifically, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers and delivery drivers are what small businesses need most.

And they’re having a difficult time finding the right people, according to survey data conducted by Indeed.

Most In Demand Jobs at Small Businesses

Indeed data shows that large companies don’t have nearly the need for truck drivers that small businesses do, which to Indeed economic research analyst Daniel Culbertson, means that large businesses are having an easier time hiring this talent.

“In the trucking industry, a tight labor supply has encouraged poaching drivers and tempting them with sign-on bonuses. It’s hard for small businesses to compete with those types of perks, leaving them with a high need for drivers,” he said.

These types of incentives are hard to match for small business owners so they’re losing good transportation talent to bigger companies.

Customer Service Representative remains a position that small businesses surveyed by Indeed said they needed to fill immediately. It made #2 on Indeed’s list of Jobs that Need to Be Filled Now.

“Small businesses don’t have the kind of scale where they need to outsource, so they keep people in-house to keep an eye on their brand,” said Culbertson.

He also notes this role tends to be entry-level, which can mean high turnover.

Small businesses are overall planning to hire and expecting growth, which is why high-skilled jobs are needed like managers, nurses and software engineers.

Knowing that, it’s important to get ahead of the problems other small businesses are experiencing when it comes to finding good talent.

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