Pokemon Go Transformed from April Fool’s Joke to Big Success (Watch)

Pokemon Go Transformed from April Fool’s Joke to Big Success (Watch)via Small Business Trends http://ift.tt/fSwfQf http://ift.tt/29yVx6c An April Fool’s ad from Google back in 2014 teased an app that would allow users to search the world around them for wild Pokemon. At the time, this idea was only a joke from Google, and sounded ridiculous to consumers and businesses alike. But two short years later, another company has made that idea into a real app – and a very successful one at that.

Pokemon Go is a new augmented reality mobile game that lets users explore the world around them to collect different Pokemon and even battle or interact with other players. Developed by Niantic, the app became the top grossing app in the App Store upon its release last week. And it has shown no signs of slowing down yet.

For small businesses, the success of this app shows just how much is possible with some innovation and a unique idea. Even a huge innovator like Google thought that this was a funny or maybe even impossible concept. But Niantic saw the potential appeal of such a game and took the time to actually make it happen. And if the early success of Pokemon Go is any indication of what’s possible, those tech leaps can lead to big things for businesses of any size.

So the next time your company is thinking about a big idea that might seem crazy or impossible, don’t discount it right away. Technology is making it increasingly possible for small companies to jump in and create really successful products before big companies even consider the possibility. If Niantic had thought about Pokemon Go like it was a silly or impossible idea, they’d be missing out on major success right now.

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