POLL: Describe Your Company’s Current Online Presence

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Recently we shared some new data from SurePayroll that showed an alarming number of small businesses are not ecommerce ready.

In fact, a full 74 percent of small businesses say they have no ecommerce on their website and do not use their site to conduct transactions at all.

OK, it’s a relatively newer concept — ecommerce, that is — but perhaps a second alarm sounded when the same data showed that almost half of all small businesses surveyed — 42 percent, to be exact — said the Web is not really that important to their business.

And an astounding 28 percent of the small businesses asked said they didn’t even have a website.

So, we want to know what our readers’ Web presence currently is. We’re asking:

Describe Your Company’s Current Online Presence

Here are your choices:

Have No Website

You’ve got no time or money for a website or you don’t think having a site will benefit your business at all.

Only Listed with an Online Directory

You don’t own your own site just yet but you’ve listed your store or company with a service like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, YP, etc.

Simple Website

You either bought a domain name and used a simple do-it-yourself template or you paid someone to create a simple website for you and your business. It’s nothing fancy but does contain some basic information about your business.

Website and Social Media

You’ve gone beyond the basic website and have branched into social media. You’ve either set up a Facebook Page, a Twitter handle or some other social media channel and are using it regularly to update customers and drive traffic to your site.

Website with Ecommerce

You’re ahead of the curve as far as Web development goes. You may simply be taking orders for a few products, selling a single download or ebook or allowing customers to easily pay for one or more of your services online. Or you may have a full-blown store full or merchandise or a large menu of services from which your clients can choose. But one thing’s for sure. You’ve gone way beyond a simple website and Facebook page!

Want to tell us more? Give us details about your answer above.  Tell us more about the website you’ve chosen for your business and why in the comments section below.

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